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Letting out a deep sigh, a 18-year-old-man was walking the busy streets of Japan. Even if he was in a crowd, he still felt lonely.  He didn't think he belonged in there, not by far. He wasn't fully Japanese and on top of that, he was a cyborg. Sometimes he didn't know if he was a machine or a human being.  He sighed at the gloomy thoughts and kept walking. Even if he was half-blood, he was a rather handsome man. His hair was dark brown and had a rather slender body. He flipped his hair out of the one eye he could see clearly with since his other eye was almost constantly blinded with a mass of hair. That was due to his haircut, he just happened to like this emo-like haircut. The back of his hair was a bit shorter, which he spiked up every morning with tons of hair gel. He and his comrade, 002 (or rather Jet "womanizer" Link), often had a fight about who got to go to the bathroom first in the morning. The best part is that Jet used to sleep in pretty often and if he
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Keep Up with 009 RE:CYBORG
Hey guys!!!
Just wanna keep you up-to-date on the best places to check out the latest and greatest to keep up with the latest and hottest Cyborg 009 news, especially relating to the movie, due October 27th in Japan. :bulletred:
:bulletred: -> The official website for Kenji Kamiyama's production company, the man creating this film. In Japanese.
:bulletred: -> Facebook page for the production company for Kenji Kamiyama. In Japanese.
:bulletred:!/PH9 -> The Twitter for his production company. Japanese.
:bulletred: -> Official website for 009 RE:CYBORG for International audiences!
:bulletred: -> The English language Facebook page for Kenji's production company!
:bulletred:!/ph9global -> The Twitter for English!
Also, along with dA, tumblr has quite the active Cyborg 009 fans on it. I know, I'm lurking there... but I refuse to make
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Now that I'm free from school, I could try to draw some more. People seem to like my style (!!), so why not draw some more? Of course I'll do my best but Assassin's creed, among other games, will consume some of my time, huahuahuahuahua. So yeah, anything?
  • Reading: My tumblr
  • Playing: Devil summoner: Soul hackers


a.k.a. Captain Nanuto
Current Residence: My house? O.o
Favourite genre of music: I listen to everything that sounds good~
Favourite cartoon character: .. It won't take too long to find out. XD


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Hi Nanuto, hey I have some bad news, i was hacked for some users and I recovered few of my projects and 009 pixel portrait was damaged I'll try to redo but the good thing is that I reuploaded and recovered your birthday's gift, see you later and thanks for the faves :D!!!
Diegoutetsuma Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
You're welcome :D
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